Preserved in...

Curated by Dee Morgan and Hosted by Irenie [on the square] April 2023

“Preserved in..” found its name through shared commonality of both Rachel and J Hill’s works around the time stamping and continuing the visual languages that they hold so near... with Rachel in her paintings and clay work, to hold on to memories of the past and with J Hill’s and their work through glass, wood and brass and their drive to continue the deep heritage of the craft glass industry in Ireland.

I’ll leave this with you from the formidable Polly Devlin:

"The best second-hand treasures you can discover, unearth and store are other people’s memories, conveyed to us by whatever means. Things they saw that have vanished forever, but which are preserved in and by writing and painting.

A visual language that might have gone, a syntax so nearly lost, a remembering passed on, not just through generosity, but because of a human pressing need to enshrine, to say this is how it was, and thus honour things, customs, ways of behaving, old manners that otherwise would have disappeared completely."