E.L.V Denim: Blue And Black In Art & Architecture

Reflection on ‘Blue and Black in Architecture and Art’ really stand the testament; that what we see and what we experience has a lasting impact. Drawing reference form the past and experience is always central to how I work. We recycle/ reimagine ideas and use them to fuel future projects with our own insights and interpretations.

Putting this piece together started with a Visual response. I know exactly what ‘key’ buildings and pieces of art that have played a role in my conceptual and design processes over the years. It became apparent the broad range of incredible architecture that I have visited and indeed all the art that has been seen with my eyes. When I was studying at the Architectural Association part of our course work was to travel annually - During these formative years some things really stuck; Joseph Cornell’s famous boxes (his signature glass-fronted ‘shadow boxes’.), Maison du Verre, Paris (spatial divides by using sliding, folding or rotating screen) The cultural influences that drive the architecture of cities like Istanbul - Veiling and revealing with screens and multi layered architecture. The thirst to seek out more became part of any trip away. Never a trip without seeing a great piece of architecture or a local artist.

These buildings and art will stand longer than I, yet how many great ideas have they sparked!

The following images (some my own photographs, and some from books that I have at home are the response to the title ‘Blue and Black in Architecture and Art’. Explaining a little bit about the image and how it has influenced my work to date. Having an archive to draw from - Concept, narrative and design work always paying homage to the past.

I end on my favourite Pantone Blue’s and Black and an index of my own cards.