Irenie Studio

To create a backdrop to life that is adaptable and versatile and suits the needs of the family and people that will inhabit it. A place full of light, comfort yet interesting mix of subtle colours yet serene and calm. Floodlit with natural light as the sun works its way through the day and the seasons. Day and night to portray different modes through texture, light and the way the house will be utilised. Creating a home with elements and pops of surprises, through furniture, colour and precious things. A cohesive narrative framing & capturing moments of life.

“My house works better, feels better and looks better after being guided by Irenie’s creative and joyful eye. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and love for design is infectious and the process of working with Irenie to create a home is as pleasurable as the results she achieves. Irenie is incredibly well connected and has an address book full of trusted and reliable suppliers and contractors,  whoever she recommended offered the same level of service and professionalism as Irenie delivered. Luckily I asked Irenie for advice with colour and styling. This initiated a process of generating concepts and vision boards which helped me see how light, texture and tone could create flow through a house with many floors and many uses. The colour palette Irenie suggested has bought a sense of unity and calmness to the whole, yet each space has its own identity and feeling. The process of working with Irenie was so joyful and fun and you know you are in safe hands.”

Client 2023

Exmouth Market