Irenie Studio

This is a house that treasures memories and perfectly frames the many moments of family life. The biggest task was to replace the 1970s extension to the rear of the house with a new one to create a fluid living, dining and kitchen space that opens out onto their garden to generate enormous light.

Far from leaving the original house alone, the spaces throughout have been dramatically transformed, balancing old and new whilst also balancing vibrant colour and calm tones. Simple flooring and white walls create a blank canvas for each space, lending a great degree of flexibility to the many rooms.

What starts out as a studio can become a bedroom for a growing boy; a den and an office can combine; spaces can evolve. The house is full of storage space, but it is placed so cunningly you could easily miss it, carving out space in every room there are shelves, cupboards, and recesses everywhere. Thus, everything the family needs is close at hand, yet the house feels the opposite of cluttered. But while everyday essentials are tucked away, plenty of surfaces and spaces are dedicated to the stuff everyone wants on show – ensuring this family home frames the moments that matter.